DA Form 4080. Transfers Between Activities

DA Form 4080. Transfers Between Activities

DA Form 4080, known as the Transfers Between Activities form, is utilized by the Department of Army to document and authorize transfers personnel, equipment, or supplies between different activities or units within the Army.

The primary purpose of this form is to ensure proper accountability and control over the movement of resources within the Army. It helps in maintaining accurate records of transfers and facilitates coordination between activities.

The form consists of various sections that need be completed when initiating a transfer. These include:

- Transfer Information: This section captures details about the transfer, such as the date, activity transferring the resource, activity receiving the resource, and the reason for the transfer.

- Resource Details: Here, you will provide information about the specific personnel, equipment, or supplies being transferred, including their description, quantity, and condition.

- Approvals: This field is used to obtain the necessary authorizations and signatures from the responsible individuals or authorities involved in the transfer process.

When filling out DA Form 4080, it is essential to accurately document all relevant information and ensure that the appropriate approvals are obtained. This helps in maintaining transparency and accountability throughout the transfer process.

An example of an application for this form would be when a unit needs to transfer equipment to another unit for a joint training exercise. The form would used to document the transfer, specify the equipment being transferred, and obtain the required approvals from both units.

There are no direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 4080 within the Department of Army forms. However, similar transfer forms may exist other organizations or industries for documenting the movement of resources between different entitiesp>