DA Form 3294. Ration Request/Issue/Turn-In Slip

A Form 3294. Ration Request/Issue/Turn-In Slip

DA Form 3294, titled "Ration Request/Issue/Turn-In Slip," is a document used by the United States Army to request, issue, or turn in rations or food supplies. This form is essential for tracking the distribution and management of rations within military units, ensuring that troops receive the necessary sustenance during various operational activities.

Key Sections and Information Captured on DA Form 3294:

  • Page Number: Indicates the page number for multiple-page forms.

  • Remarks: Provides space for additional comments or remarks related to the ration request, issue, or turn-in.

  • Control Number: Assigns a unique control number to track the document.

  • Received By: Records the names or designations of personnel receiving the rations.

  • Issue Date: Specifies the date when the ration request, issue, or turn-in occurs.

  • BNUMBER OF Meal(s) Requested: Indicates the number of meals or rations requested.

  • LREQUEST: Documents the unit price per meal or ration.

  • UNIT PRICE: Records the unit price of the ration.

  • ISSUE: Calculates the total cost of the rations issued based on the number of meals and unit price.

  • TURN-IN: Specifies any rations being turned in or returned.

  • TOTAL SUPPLY ACTION ITEMS: Lists the total number of supply action items related to the ration request.

  • DOLLAR VALUE: Calculates the total dollar value of the rations issued.

  • UI: Identifies the unit of issue for the rations.

  • BLD: Records the building or location from which the rations are issued.

  • LDBD: Designates the load-bearing device (LBD) or container for the rations.

  • TO: Indicates the destination or recipient of the rations.

  • FROM: Specifies the source or provider of the rations.

  • CONSUMPTION DATE(s): Lists the date(s) when the rations are intended for consumption.

  • TOTAL DOLLAR: Calculates the overall total dollar value of the transaction.

  • NO. OF PAGES: Indicates the number of pages included in the document.

  • Date (YYYYMMDD): Records the date when the form is filled out.

Usage Scenario:

DA Form 3294 is used whenever there is a need to request, issue, or turn in rations within a military unit. This includes field exercises, training events, deployments, and any other situations where rations are distributed to soldiers. The form ensures accurate tracking of rations and helps manage the logistics of providing sustenance to troops.

Privacy Note:

DA Form 3294 may contain information related to unit personnel, supply transactions, and financial data. Proper handling and storage are essential to protect sensitive data, particularly when it comes to financial information.

This form is a critical tool for the Army's logistical operations, allowing units to efficiently manage and distribute rations to ensure the nutritional needs of soldiers are met during various military activities.