CT DMV Form H116. Vehicle statement of value (completed by dealers and repairers)

CT DMV Form H116. Vehicle statement of value (completed by dealers and repairers)

Form H116 - Vehicle Statement of Value (Completed by Dealers and Repairers) serves as a statement submitted by authorized dealers and repairers to provide information about the value of a motor vehicle when certain transactions are conducted. This form helps ensure accurate taxation and reporting of vehicle values.

Authorized dealers and repairers use this form when performing certain transactions, such as transfers, sales, or repairs on vehicles. The form provides essential information about the vehicle's value, which is used for taxation purposes and reporting.

Form Structure

This form involves the authorized dealer or repairer, the motor vehicle, and potentially the buyer or owner. It's structured with sections to provide information about the vehicle, its value, and details about the transaction. It may also include sections for the authorized personnel's information and signatures.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

When performing relevant transactions, the authorized dealer or repairer completes the form with accurate details about the vehicle's value and the transaction itself. The completed form is then submitted to the appropriate authorities or parties involved. It's important to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure fair taxation and reporting.

Related forms could include forms used by individuals or private sellers to report vehicle sales and values.