CT DMV Form B385. Gender designation on a license or identification card

CT DMV Form B385. Gender designation on a license or identification card

Form B385 - Gender Designation on a License or Identification Card allows individuals to change the gender designation on their driver's license or identification card to better reflect their gender identity. This form facilitates a change that respects an individual's gender identity.

Form Structure

This form involves the applicant as the primary party and the Connecticut DMV as the secondary party. It's structured with sections for personal information, current gender designation, desired gender designation, and a certification section.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

The applicant needs to provide accurate personal information, indicate their current gender designation and the desired gender designation, and sign the certification section. The completed form is submitted to the Connecticut DMV, along with any required documentation (such as a court order or medical certification).

Consider a scenario where an individual's gender identity differs from the gender designation on their driver's license. By submitting Form B385 along with supporting documentation, they can request a change to their license that aligns with their gender identity.

While completing the form, remember to provide accurate personal information and specify the desired gender designation. Depending on the DMV's requirements, additional documentation or certification might be needed to support the gender change request. An alternative form might not serve the same purpose, as Form B385 addresses the specific request to change gender designation on a license or ID card.