AF Form 3902. Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment

AF Form 3902. Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment

The AF 3902 is a form used by United States Air Force personnel to apply for off-duty employment and obtain approval from their commanding officer. The main purpose of this form is to ensure that the proposed off-duty employment does not conflict with military duties, violate ethical standards, or pose a security risk.

The form consists of several parts, including personal information, details about the proposed employment, and certifications by both the applicant and their commanding officer. Important fields on the form include the applicant's name, rank, and duty station, as well as the nature and duration of the proposed employment.

Both the applicant and their commanding officer are parties involved in the process of filling out and submitting this form. It is important for applicants to consider any potential conflicts of interest or ethical concerns when applying for off-duty employment. In order to fill out the form, applicants will need to provide details about their proposed employment, including the employer's name, location, and job responsibilities. They may also be required to attach additional documents, such as a job description or proof of insurance coverage.

Examples of situations where this form may be required include part-time employment, self-employment, or work performed during vacation or non-duty hours. Strengths of this form include its ability to help prevent conflicts of interest and maintain military readiness, while weaknesses may include a potentially lengthy approval process or restrictions on certain types of employment.

Alternative forms or analogues of this form may be used by other branches of the military or government agencies to regulate off-duty employment. Differences between these forms may include variations in required information or approval processes.

Submitting and storing of the form may vary depending on the specific procedures of the unit or location where the form is being submitted. However, it is typically submitted to the applicant's commanding officer for review and approval before being forwarded to higher levels of command. Once approved, the form may be stored in the applicant's personnel file.

Overall, the AF 3902 form plays an important role in ensuring that military personnel are able to engage in off-duty employment while still maintaining their commitment to military service and ethical standards.