Form MED 10. Disabled Parking Plates or Placard Application - Virginia

Form MED 10. Disabled Parking Plates or Placard Application - Virginia

Form MED 10 - Disabled Parking Plates or Placard Application is used by individuals with disabilities to apply for a disabled parking placard or disabled parking license plates in Virginia. The primary purpose of this form is to enable individuals with disabilities to have accessible parking options close to their destinations, improving their mobility and convenience.

The parties involved in this form include individuals with disabilities or their representatives who apply for the disabled parking placard or license plates. The form consists of sections where the applicant must provide their personal information, the nature of their disability, and any relevant medical documentation or certification of disability.

Important fields in this form include the applicant's personal information, the type of disability, and the certification of the disability by a qualified healthcare professional. The accuracy and legitimacy of the provided information are crucial for granting the disabled parking privileges.

An example scenario for using this form would be a person with a mobility impairment due to a medical condition or disability. The individual, or their representative, would complete Form MED 10, providing the necessary documentation from a healthcare professional confirming the disability. The DMV would then review the application and issue a disabled parking placard or license plates, allowing the individual to access designated parking spaces for people with disabilities.

When filling out this form, it is important to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria for disabled parking privileges, and all required documentation is provided to support the application. The proper use of disabled parking privileges is essential to maintain accessibility for those who genuinely need it.

Related forms or alternatives for similar purposes may include disabled parking applications used in other states or countries. However, the eligibility criteria and specific requirements may vary, making Form MED 10 specific to Virginia's disabled parking program.