SCDMV Form CDL/DI-1. Commercial Driver Training School Surety Bond

SCDMV Form CDL/DI-1. Commercial Driver Training School Surety Bond

The Commercial Driver Training School Surety Bond (CDL/DI-1) is a form that must be completed by commercial driver training schools in South Carolina. The form serves as a surety bond agreement, ensuring that the school complies with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing driver training. The CDL/DI-1 form consists of several sections, including the principal's name and address, the surety company's information, and the bond amount. It is an important document for commercial driver training schools to demonstrate their financial responsibility and commitment to providing quality education and training for aspiring commercial drivers.

Important Fields:

  • Principal's Name and Address: The legal name and contact information of the commercial driver training school.
  • Surety Company Information: The name and contact details of the surety company providing the bond.
  • Bond Amount: The specified amount of the surety bond.

Parties Involved: The parties involved in completing the CDL/DI-1 form are the commercial driver training school and the surety company.

Considerations: It is important for commercial driver training schools to carefully review and understand the terms and conditions of the surety bond agreement before completing the CDL/DI-1 form. They should ensure they meet all the requirements set forth by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) to maintain compliance and avoid any potential penalties or legal issues.

Application Example: A commercial driver training school in South Carolina must complete the CDL/DI-1 form and submit it to the SCDMV as part of the licensing process. By providing a surety bond, the school assures the SCDMV and the public that they will fulfill their obligations and responsibilities in delivering high-quality driver training services. The CDL/DI-1 form acts as a guarantee that the school is financially capable of meeting its obligations and covers any potential damages or losses resulting from non-compliance or negligence.

Related Forms: There are no direct analogues or alternative forms specific to the CDL/DI-1 form, as it serves a unique purpose in relation to commercial driver training schools and surety bonds. However, other forms may be required for the overall licensing process of commercial driver training schools, including application forms, fee payment forms, and additional documentation as specified by the SCDMV.