Oregon DMV Form 735-0516. Inheritance Affidavit

Oregon DMV Form 735-0516. Inheritance Affidavit

Form 735-0516 - Inheritance Affidavit serves as a legal document used to claim ownership of a vehicle in the event of the owner's death and the vehicle is inherited by an heir.

This affidavit is used to establish ownership and transfer the vehicle's title when the vehicle is inherited due to the death of the previous owner. It is an essential step in the probate process.

Example Scenario: A person in Oregon has passed away, and their vehicle is to be inherited by their child. The heir uses this form to claim ownership of the vehicle and transfer the title.

Parties Involved: This form is typically used by heirs or beneficiaries to claim inherited vehicles. It includes information about the deceased owner, the heir, and the vehicle details.

Related Forms: Similar to other affidavit forms but specific to the inheritance of vehicles. There are alternative formats and variations.