Oregon DMV Form 735-0270. Vehicle Dismantler's Notice

Oregon DMV Form 735-0270. Vehicle Dismantler's Notice

Form 735-0270 - Vehicle Dismantler's Notice is used to inform the Oregon DMV about the intent to dismantle a vehicle for salvage or parts.

This form is used by individuals or businesses involved in the dismantling of vehicles to provide notice to the DMV as required by state regulations.

Example Scenario: A vehicle dismantler or salvage yard operator in Oregon would use this form to formally notify the DMV of their intention to dismantle a vehicle. This is important for regulatory compliance and tracking the status of vehicles.

Parties Involved: This form is typically completed by vehicle dismantlers or salvage yards. It's structured with sections for vehicle details, owner information, and the dismantler's statement.

Related Forms: There are no direct analogues, but this form is part of the regulatory process for dismantling vehicles.