Parent-Guardian Mentor Waiver Form

Parent-Guardian Mentor Waiver Form

The "Parent-Guardian Mentor Waiver Form" is a document used by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services to obtain the consent of parents or guardians who wish to participate as mentors in child care programs. This form serves to acknowledge the parent or guardian's willingness to provide mentorship and support to other families within the child care setting.

The form typically consists of sections where the parent or guardian provides their contact information, acknowledges their understanding of the mentorship role, and grants permission for their involvement in the mentorship program. It may also include sections for signatures and dates to ensure a legally binding agreement.

Important fields in this form include the parent or guardian's contact details, acknowledgment of the mentorship role, and signatures of involved parties. Accurate completion of these fields is crucial to ensure that the parent or guardian understands their role as a mentor and provides informed consent.

Application Example: A child care program offers a mentorship program where parents or guardians can support and guide new families. Parents or guardians interested in participating would complete this form, acknowledging their willingness to serve as mentors and agreeing to the terms of the mentorship program. This form ensures that the program has the necessary consent and contact information to facilitate mentorship relationships.

Related form: The "Parent-Guardian Mentor Agreement Form" may be related as it pertains to the agreement between the mentor and the child care program. However, the "Parent-Guardian Mentor Waiver Form" specifically focuses on obtaining the parent or guardian's consent to participate as a mentor, while the agreement form outlines the terms and expectations of the mentorship program.