Mass RMV - Nonresident Student Vehicle Information Form

Mass RMV - Nonresident Student Vehicle Information Form

Form Nonresident Student Vehicle Information Form serves as a means for students enrolled at schools or colleges in Massachusetts to declare their out-of-state or out-of-country vehicle registration status.

If you are a student studying in Massachusetts and your vehicle is registered in another state or country, this form is used to inform the RMV about your nonresident vehicle status.

Form Structure

This form involves students who have vehicles registered outside of Massachusetts. It is structured with sections for personal information of the student, details about the vehicle, including its registration, and information about the school or college where the student is enrolled.

How to Fill Out and submit the Form

When completing this form, provide accurate personal information, vehicle details, and information about your educational institution. Submit the completed form to the RMV to ensure that your nonresident status is appropriately documented.

While completing the form, remember to attach copies of supporting documents such as your out-of-state vehicle registration and proof of enrollment at the educational institution.

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