IRS Form 4868

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Form 4868

Form 4868 is an application for an automatic extension of time to file a U.S. individual income tax return. It can be obtained from the IRS website or from a tax preparer. The form requires the taxpayer's name, address, Social Security number, and estimated tax liability. It also requires the taxpayer to indicate whether they are requesting an extension of time to file or an extension of time to pay. The form must be filed by the regular due date of the return. The taxpayer must also pay any taxes due by the regular due date of the return. The taxpayer can submit the form electronically or by mail. The form should be filled out by the taxpayer, and should be submitted to the IRS.

Form 4868 should be mailed to the IRS address listed on the form. Alternatively, taxpayers can use the IRS's Where to File tool to find the correct mailing address for their Form 4868. The form can be submitted electronically or by mail. Electronic filing is the fastest and most secure way to submit the form. Taxpayers can also submit the form by mail, but it may take longer for the IRS to process the form.

It is used to request an extension of the filing deadline, which is typically April 15th of each year. The form must be completed and submitted to the IRS by the original filing deadline. If approved, the extension will give the taxpayer an additional six months to file the return. The information on the form is used by the IRS to process the extension request and determine whether the taxpayer is eligible for the extension. The form also includes information about estimated tax payments and estimated income tax liability. The information provided on the form is used to calculate the taxpayer's estimated tax liability and determine if any additional taxes are due.

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