Form LIC 621. Client/Resident Personal Property And Valuables

Form LIC 621. Client/Resident Personal Property And Valuables

LIC 621 is a form used in the state of California by social service agencies to document and protect the personal property and valuables of clients or residents who are receiving care or services. The primary purpose of this form is to provide a detailed inventory of personal belongings and assets to ensure their safekeeping while under the care of social service agencies.

The form consists of several sections, including personal information about the client or resident, a list of items to be inventoried, and a section for additional notes or instructions. Important fields include the client's name and contact information, a description of each item being inventoried, and its estimated value.

When filling out the form, it is important to consider the accuracy and completeness of the information being provided. Supporting documents may need to be attached, such as receipts or appraisals for high-value items.

Examples of when this form may be used include when a person enters a nursing home or assisted living facility, when a child enters foster care, or when a vulnerable adult requires protective services. It is essential to maintain an accurate record of personal property and valuables to avoid loss or theft.

Strengths of this form include its ability to document personal property and provide a means of recourse if items are lost or damaged. Weaknesses may include the potential for inaccuracies or omissions in the inventory, as well as the burden of maintaining an up-to-date record over time.

Alternative forms or analogues to LIC 621 may include similar inventories used by insurance companies or estate planning attorneys. However, these forms may not have the same level of detail or legal authority as LIC 621.

Submitting the form will typically involve providing a copy to the social service agency responsible for the client's care. The form may be stored electronically or in paper form, depending on agency policies and procedures.

Overall, LIC 621 serves as an important tool for protecting the personal property and valuables of vulnerable individuals while under the care of social service agencies. Accurately completing the form can provide peace of mind for both clients and their families.