Form ITD 3530. Relief Agency or Shelter Certification

Form ITD 3530. Relief Agency or Shelter Certification

Form ITD 3530 is used in Idaho by relief agencies or shelters that provide temporary housing or support services to individuals experiencing homelessness or displacement. The main purpose of this form is to certify the eligibility of an individual for certain benefits or services based on their status as a resident in a relief agency or shelter.

The form consists of sections where the agency or shelter representative provides information about the organization, including its name, address, contact details, and certification of the individual's residency within the facility. It also requires the signature and contact information of the certifying agent.

When filling out the form, it is important for the agency or shelter representative to accurately provide all required organizational information and verify the individual's residency status within the facility. The representative should carefully review the instructions on the form and ensure that they have the authority to certify the residency of the individual.

An example application scenario would be when an individual staying at a relief agency or shelter needs documentation from the organization to establish their residency for accessing certain services or benefits. By completing this form and obtaining the certification from the agency or shelter, they can provide proof of their residence within the facility.

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