Form I-765. Application for Employment Authorization

Form I-765. Application for Employment Authorization

The I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, is a form used by individuals in the United States who are seeking employment authorization. The main purpose of the form is to request permission from the U.S. government to work in the country.

The form consists of several important sections, including personal information, eligibility categories, and employment history. The applicant must also provide supporting documentation, such as a copy of their passport, visa, or other immigration documents.

It is important for applicants to carefully consider their eligibility category when filling out the form, as this will determine the type of employment authorization they are seeking. Eligibility categories include asylum seekers, students, temporary workers, and others.

Strengths of the form include its clear and straightforward format, which makes it easy for applicants to fill out and submit. However, weaknesses may include the potential for errors or incomplete information, which could cause delays in processing.

Examples of when an individual may need to fill out the I-765 form include seeking employment while waiting for an adjustment of status, applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT) as a student, or requesting employment authorization as a dependent of certain visa holders.

Submitting the I-765 typically involves mailing the form and supporting documentation to the appropriate U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office. The form may also be submitted electronically in certain cases.

Overall, the I-765 is an important tool for individuals seeking employment authorization in the United States. By carefully considering their eligibility category and providing accurate information and documentation, applicants can increase their chances of success and secure the right to work in the country.