Form HSMV 83351. Cash On Delivery Unpaid Fees - Florida

Form HSMV 83351. Cash On Delivery Unpaid Fees - Florida

Form HSMV 83351 is an official document used in Florida for the collection of unpaid fees associated with a motor vehicle. This form is commonly referred to as the "Cash On Delivery" (COD) form.

The form consists of fields where the details of the unpaid fees can be recorded, including the type of fee, amount owed, and any additional relevant information. It also includes sections to collect the necessary payment details.

When filling out Form HSMV 83351, it is important to provide accurate information regarding the outstanding fees, such as the specific type of fee and the corresponding amounts. The form serves as a means to collect the unpaid fees before further vehicle-related transactions can proceed.

Application Example: When engaging in certain transactions with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV), individuals may be notified of unpaid fees associated with their vehicle, such as registration renewal or citation fines. The COD form is then used to collect those outstanding fees before proceeding with the transaction.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form HSMV 83351, as it specifically addresses the collection of unpaid fees. However, other forms related to fee payments and transactions may exist based on the nature of the fees and transactions involved.