EOIR-33. Change of Address/Contact Information

EOIR-33. Change of Address/Contact Information

Form EOIR-33, also known as Change of Address/Contact Information, is a form used by individuals involved in immigration court proceedings in the United States to inform the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) of a change of address or contact information. The form serves as a formal notification to the EOIR of the change in contact information of the petitioner or respondent in a case.

The form consists of a single page and requires basic information such as the name of the individual, their case number, A-number (Alien Registration Number), current contact information, and new contact information. No additional documents need to be attached along with the form.

The main purpose of this form is to ensure that the court is able to communicate with the individuals involved in the case and that they are aware of any changes in hearing dates or other important information related to their case.

It is important for individuals to keep the EOIR informed of any changes in their contact information to avoid missing an important hearing that could potentially have a negative impact on their case. Failure to update the EOIR with any changes in contact information could lead to an individual missing important updates and potentially having a decision made against them in default.

There is no alternate or related form for EOIR-33 as it is unique to the EOIR. However, there may be state-specific forms that serve the same purpose for state court proceedings.

Click on the link for the file type for the Hearing Location currently handling your case https://www.justice.gov/eoir/form-eoir-33-eoir-immigration-court-listing.

Once completed, the form can be submitted by mail or in-person to the appropriate EOIR office. It is generally recommended to keep a copy of the submitted form for personal records.