DD Form 2322. Dental Laboratory Work Authorization

DD Form 2322. Dental Laboratory Work Authorization

DD Form 2322 - Dental Laboratory Work Authorization is used to request and authorize dental laboratory work for patients within the Department of Defense medical facilities.

The form consists of sections where the dental provider enters the patient's information, requested dental laboratory work, specific instructions, and any required authorizations or approvals. It also includes spaces for the patient's signature and the dental provider's signature.

Instructions for filling out DD Form 2322 involve providing accurate patient information, clear details about the requested work, and ensuring that all necessary authorizations or approvals are obtained. Both the patient and dental provider signatures are important to confirm the request and approval.

Application Example: A military dental clinic needs to fabricate a dental prosthesis for a patient. DD Form 2322 is used to request the specific work from the dental laboratory, ensuring the correct instructions and approvals are in place.

No additional documents are typically required for completing DD Form 2322. There are no direct alternatives within the Department of Defense for this specific purpose of authorizing dental laboratory work.