DD Form 1907. Signature and Tally Record

DD Form 1907. Signature and Tally Record

DD Form 1907 - Signature and Tally Record is used to document the receipt and distribution of property items, including equipment and supplies.

The form consists of sections where the receiving and distributing parties provide their signatures, along with details about the property being transferred. The form may include sections for item descriptions, quantities, and condition assessments.

When completing DD Form 1907, it's important to ensure that accurate item descriptions, quantities, and conditions are recorded. The form helps in maintaining accountability for property transfers and ensuring that the appropriate parties have received the items.

Application Example: A military unit is receiving a shipment of equipment. By using DD Form 1907, the unit leader signs to acknowledge the receipt of the items, and the distributing personnel sign to confirm the distribution, ensuring proper accountability.

No additional documents are typically required for filling out DD Form 1907. An alternative form could be a property transfer receipt generated by an inventory management system.