DD Form 1572. Test Log DANTES and Others

DD Form 1572. Test Log DANTES and Others

DD Form 1572, known as the Test Log DANTES and Others, is utilized for recording information about various tests, assessments, and examinations administered by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) or other entities within the Department of Defense.

The form's sections are designed to capture details about the test, assessment, or examination. This includes information about the participant, the specific test taken, test scores, dates, and any relevant remarks. The form may also include sections for examiner endorsements and participant feedback.

When filling out DD Form 1572, accuracy in recording the test details, scores, and participant information is crucial. Key fields include participant's name, test identification, scores achieved, and relevant dates. Proper completion of the form aids in maintaining accurate records of the tests administered.

Application Example: In a scenario where a military service member takes a proficiency test through DANTES to earn college credit, they would complete DD Form 1572 to document the test details, scores achieved, and dates. This ensures that the military maintains accurate records of educational achievements for its personnel.

Related Documents: Depending on the nature of the test or assessment, additional documents such as transcripts, score reports, and certificates may be required. Analogous civilian documents could involve transcripts or score reports from educational or testing institutions.