DA Form 7419-3. Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Program

DA Form 7419-3. Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Program

DA Form 7419-3 - Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Program is used to document issues, suggestions, and recommendations related to the Army community. This form aids in collecting feedback and ideas from the Army community for consideration and action.

The form consists of sections where issue details, suggested solutions, and community member information are documented. It provides a structured template to gather input and recommendations for improvement.

Key fields in this form include issue specifics, proposed solutions, and community member information. Accurate completion is vital for effective consideration of community feedback and for implementing actionable changes.

Application Example: Community members complete DA Form 7419-3 to provide input on issues and recommendations for improvement within the Army community.

No additional documents are typically required for this form. Similar suggestion and feedback forms could exist in various organizational contexts.