DA Form 7382. Sling Load Inspection Record

DA Form 7382. Sling Load Inspection Record

DA Form 7382 - Sling Load Inspection Record is utilized to document inspections of sling loads used in military transportation. This form ensures that sling loads are thoroughly examined and deemed safe for use during lifting and transport operations.

The form consists of sections where load details, inspection findings, corrective actions, and certifying personnel information are documented. It provides a structured template to record sling load inspections.

Key fields in this form include load specifics, inspection results, corrective actions taken, and certifier information. Accurate completion is vital to ensure the safety and integrity of sling loads during transportation activities.

Application Example: A cargo crew completes DA Form 7382 after inspecting a sling load attached to a helicopter. The form helps ensure that the load is properly secured and safe for transport.

No additional documents are typically required for this form. While there might not be direct analogues, similar inspection records could exist for various transportation and logistics organizations.