DA Form 6285. Interview Plan No. 2

DA Form 6285. Interview Plan No. 2

DA Form 6285 - Interview Plan No. 2, is employed as part of the Army's interview process. This form aids interviewers in preparing and conducting structured interviews for potential candidates, ensuring consistency and fairness in the assessment process.

The form consists of sections where interviewers document the candidate's personal information, interview date, and the panel's composition. The majority of the form is dedicated to a list of predetermined interview questions, with space for notes and ratings based on the candidate's responses. The questions are designed to evaluate the candidate's qualifications, skills, and suitability for the position.

Important fields in this form include the candidate's details, interview questions, and assessment criteria. Properly utilizing the form ensures that interviewers ask consistent questions and evaluate candidates fairly based on established criteria, improving the objectivity of the selection process.

Application Example: A recruitment team is conducting interviews for potential non-commissioned officers. They use DA Form 6285 to structure the interview process, asking each candidate the same set of questions to assess their leadership skills and problem-solving abilities consistently. This form streamlines the interview process and enhances fairness in candidate evaluation.

No additional documents are typically required for this form. Alternatives might include custom interview evaluation sheets, but DA Form 6285 provides a standardized approach endorsed by the Army for structured interviews.