DA Form 5515. Training Ammunition Control Document

DA Form 5515. Training Ammunition Control Document

The DA Form 5515, also known as the Training Ammunition Control Document (TACD), is a document used by military personnel to track and account for training ammunition. The main purpose of this form is to ensure that the correct amount of ammunition is issued, used, and returned during training exercises to prevent shortages and losses.

The form consists of several parts including the heading which contains basic information such as the unit name and date, the "Updates" section where any changes to the document are recorded, and the "Ammunition Issued" and "Ammunition Returned" sections where the type and quantity of ammunition are recorded. Important fields include the NSN (National Stock Number) of the ammunition, lot number, and serial numbers if applicable.

The parties involved in filling out this form include the issuing officer who issues the ammunition, the user who receives and uses the ammunition, and the returning officer who ensures that all unused ammunition is returned and accounted for. It is important to consider accuracy and attention to detail when filling out this form as it directly impacts the availability of ammunition for future training exercises.

Data required to fill out the form includes the unit name, date, training location, NSN, quantity of ammunition issued, and the signature of the issuing officer. Additionally, documents such as range safety briefings and orders authorizing the use of ammunition may need to be attached.

Application examples of this form include its use during live-fire training exercises or weapons qualifications. By accurately tracking and accounting for training ammunition, military units can ensure they have sufficient supplies for future training needs. Some strengths of this form include its ability to accurately track ammunition usage and identify potential losses or shortages. One weakness could be the potential for human error when recording the quantity of ammunition issued or returned.

Alternative forms or analogues to the DA Form 5515 include local forms created by individual units or branches of the military. Differences between forms may include the specific information required and the layout of the document.

The accurate completion and submission of this form are crucial to the future training capabilities of military units. Once completed, the form is submitted to the unit's ammunition officer for review and storage in a centralized location.

In summary, the DA Form 5515 is an important document used by military personnel to track and account for training ammunition to ensure future training needs can be met. Accurate completion and attention to detail are crucial when filling out this form, and it is typically stored centrally for future reference.