DA Form 5402. Barber/Beauty Shop Inspection

DA Form 5402. Barber/Beauty Shop Inspection

DA Form 5402 is the Barber/Beauty Shop Inspection form used to assess and document the cleanliness, safety, and overall condition of barber and beauty shops within military installations. This form ensures compliance with health and safety regulations and maintains the quality of services offered in these facilities.

The form consists of sections where inspection details are recorded, including shop conditions, sanitation, equipment maintenance, and safety measures. It may also include sections for the inspector's remarks, corrective actions, and recommendations for improvement.

Important fields in this form include inspection details, sanitation conditions, and safety measures. Accurate completion of this form is crucial for maintaining a clean and safe environment in barber and beauty shops, ensuring the well-being of personnel utilizing these services.

Application Example: A health and safety officer conducts an inspection of a military installation's barber shop to assess its cleanliness and compliance with hygiene standards. The inspection results are documented using DA Form 5402, including any identified issues and recommended actions.

No additional documents are typically required to complete this form, as it captures all necessary information related to barber and beauty shop inspections.

No direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 5402 are mentioned, as its purpose is specific to inspecting barber and beauty shops within the Department of the Army.