DA Form 5164-R. Hands-On Evaluation (LRA)

DA Form 5164-R. Hands-On Evaluation (LRA)

DA Form 5164-R is a document used for Hands-On Evaluation (LRA) in the military. Its primary purpose is to assess soldiers' practical skills and knowledge in their specific job fields.

The form consists of several parts, including personal information, evaluation criteria, rating scales, and remarks sections. Important fields to consider when filling out the form include the soldier's name, rank, unit, and job designation. The evaluating officer will also need to provide detailed feedback on the soldier's performance during the hands-on evaluation.

The parties involved in the DA Form 5164-R are the evaluating officer and the soldier being evaluated. It is important to note that both parties must sign the form once it has been completed.

When filling out the form, soldiers will need to provide their personal information and demonstrate their proficiency in their job field. They may also need to attach additional documents such as training certificates or performance reviews to support their evaluation.

Examples of application and use cases for DA Form 5164-R include assessing a soldier's readiness for deployment, identifying areas for improvement in their job performance, and providing feedback for career development.

Strengths of the form include its ability to provide detailed feedback on a soldier's practical skills and knowledge. However, weaknesses may include subjectivity from the evaluating officer and potential bias. Opportunities for improvement could include incorporating objective measures and expanding the evaluation criteria.

Alternative forms or analogues may include other military evaluation forms such as DA Form 2166-9 for NCOERs or DA Form 4856 for counseling sessions. The main difference between these forms is their specific purpose and criteria for evaluation.

DA Form 5164-R can affect the future of the participants by providing valuable feedback for career development and identifying areas for improvement. The form is typically submitted to the soldier's personnel file for future reference.

Overall, DA Form 5164-R plays a vital role in evaluating soldiers' practical skills and knowledge in their job fields. It is an essential tool for career development and ensuring readiness for deployment.