DA Form 4948. Freedom of Information Act (Foia)/Operations Security (Opsec) Desk Top Guide

DA Form 4948. Freedom of Information Act (Foia)/Operations Security (Opsec) Desk Top Guide

Form DA 4948 is a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)/Operations Security (OPSEC) Desk Top Guide. This form serves as a guide for military personnel and employees to understand and comply with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and Operations Security. The purpose of this guide is to ensure that individuals handling sensitive information are aware of the legal requirements and best practices for safeguarding and sharing such information.

The form consists of sections where information about the FOIA and OPSEC regulations is provided, including explanations of key terms, procedures for handling requests for information, and guidelines for protecting sensitive data. The guide may also include examples of situations where FOIA and OPSEC principles apply and practical tips for maintaining information security.

Important fields in this form include accurate and up-to-date information about FOIA and OPSEC regulations. Properly understanding and adhering to these guidelines is critical for safeguarding national security information, protecting individual privacy, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Application Example: Military personnel and employees who handle classified or sensitive information refer to Form DA 4948 to understand how to respond to FOIA requests, what information can be disclosed, and what information must be withheld to preserve national security. By using this form, personnel can efficiently navigate the FOIA process and maintain the security of sensitive information.

Related Forms: Form DA 4948 is specific to providing guidance on FOIA and OPSEC. However, there may be other forms used for processing actual FOIA requests or for conducting OPSEC assessments and reviews.