DA Form 4067-Sg. Request for Quotations (Nonappropriated Funds) (EGA)

DA Form 4067-Sg. Request for Quotations (Nonappropriated Funds) (EGA)

Form DA 4067-Sg is a request form used in the U.S. Army's Nonappropriated Funds (NAF) procurement process. This form is utilized to solicit quotations from potential suppliers or vendors for goods or services needed by NAF activities.

The form consists of sections where the requester can provide details such as the description of the required goods or services, quantity, delivery requirements, and any other pertinent information necessary for suppliers to submit accurate quotations.

Important fields in this form include the requester's contact information, a clear and concise description of the requested goods or services, delivery location and schedule, and any specific terms or conditions that suppliers need to consider when preparing their quotationsp>

Application Example: NAF activities within the U.S. Army can use Form DA 4067-Sg to formally request quotations from potential suppliers or vendors. The form should be completed with accurate and detailed information about the required goods services to ensure that suppliers can provide accurate and competitive quotations.

Related Forms: Other related forms in the NAF procurement process may include Form DA 4068-Sg (Continuation Sheet) and Form 4069-Sg (Solicitation, Offer, and Award). These forms are used to provide additional information or document the solicitation, offer, and award stages of the procurement process.