DA Form 2408-13-2. Related Maintenance Actions Record

DA Form 2408-13-2. Related Maintenance Actions Record

The DA Form 2408-13-2 is used to record maintenance actions related to an aircraft that are not captured on the primary maintenance record (DA Form 2408-13-1). It serves as a supplemental document to ensure comprehensive documentation of all maintenance activities.

This form consists of the following sections:

- Identification: This section captures basic information about the aircraft, including its serial number, registration number, and unit identification code.

- Maintenance Actions: This section provides space to record maintenance actions that are related to the aircraft but not directly documented on the primary maintenance record. These actions may include repairs, modifications, or inspections performed by external contractors or specialized maintenance units.

- Remarks: This section allows for additional comments or observations related to the maintenance actions recorded on the form.

The DA Form 2408-13-2 is essential for maintaining a complete and accurate record of all maintenance activities performed on an aircraft. It ensures that any maintenance actions not captured on the primary record are still documented and accounted for. The form is typically filled out by maintenance personnel who are responsible for overseeing or coordinating maintenance activities beyond their direct control.

An example use case for this form would be when an aircraft undergoes major repairs or modifications performed by external contractors. The DA Form 2408-13-2 would be used to record these actions, ensuring that they are properly documented and integrated into the overall maintenance history of the aircraft.