DA Form 1696. Enlistment/Reenlistment Qualifying Application (Specially Recruited Personnel)

DA Form 1696. Enlistment/Reenlistment Qualifying Application (Specially Recruited Personnel)

The DA Form 1696 is used by specially recruited personnel who are seeking to enlist or reenlist in the Department of the Army. This form serves as an application and qualification assessment tool for individuals who may have unique skills or qualifications that are sought after by the Army.

The form consists of sections for personal information, education and training, military experience, and a certification section. The applicant must provide accurate and detailed information about their qualifications, including any relevant certifications, degrees, or specialized training they may have.

When filling out this form, it is important for the applicant to carefully review all instructions and provide complete and accurate information. Any discrepancies or omissions could impact the applicant's eligibility for enlistment or reenlistment.

An example of an application for the DA Form 1696 could be a civilian with specialized medical training who wishes to join the Army as a healthcare professional. By submitting this form, they can provide the necessary information to demonstrate their qualifications and suitability for enlistment.

An alternative form that may be used in similar situations is the DD Form 4, Enlistment/Reenlistment Document. While both forms serve the purpose of applying for enlistment or reenlistment, the DA Form 1696 is specifically designed for specially recruited personnel with unique qualifications.