DA Form 1222. Routing Slip

DA Form 1222. Routing Slip

The DA Form 1222 is used for routing documents within the Department of Army. It serves as a cover sheet that provides important information about the document being routed, such as the subject, date, originator, and intended recipients. It consists of sections for filling out details about the document, including the subject, action required, names and signatures of individuals who need to review or approve the document, and a remarks section for any additional notes or instructions. When filling out the form, it is important to accurately document the subject and provide clear instructions or actions required. The parties involved in the routing process are the originator of the document, individuals who need to review or approve it, and administrative personnel responsible for tracking and ensuring the document reaches the intended recipients. Accuracy and completeness are crucial when filling out the form to ensure proper and timely routing of the document.

Application Example: A department within the Department of Army submits a request for additional personnel to their higher command. The request is accompanied by a DA Form 1222, which provides a summary of the request, identifies the necessary actions and approvals, and specifies the intended recipients within the chain of command for review and consideration.

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Differences: Each branch and organization within the military may have its own specific variant of the routing slip form. The main differences lie in the layout, design, and any additional sections or fields tailored to the specific needs of the branch or organization.