CBP Form I-418. Passenger List - Crew List

CBP Form I-418. Passenger List - Crew List

CBP Form I-418, titled "Passenger List - Crew List," is a document utilized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency for the purpose of collecting essential information about passengers and crew members on vessels arriving in or departing from the United States. This form is crucial for immigration, customs, and security-related matters. The form is applicable to both passengers and crew members, and it helps the CBP keep accurate records and ensure compliance with regulations. Here is a breakdown of the key components of the form:

Purpose and Categories: The CBP Form I-418 is used to document the following:

  • Passenger information: Information about individuals onboard the vessel who are not part of the crew.
  • Crew member information: Details about the individuals operating and maintaining the vessel.

Information Required: The form requires the following information to be provided:

  • Vessel details: Name of the vessel, official number, last foreign port, date sailed from the foreign port, date of arrival in the U.S., arrival port, and the number of crew members (including the master) and passengers.
  • Agent at arrival: The name and address of the agent representing the vessel upon arrival.
  • Crew details: A list of crew members, including their family names, first names, initials, nationalities, document numbers, positions or titles, inspection status (DHS Use Only), dates joined, and dates separated (if applicable).
  • Receipt for crew list: CBP provides a receipt number upon receiving the crew list, which is documented along with the port of arrival.
  • Departure summary: Information regarding the vessel's departure, including the agent at departure, total added crew, total separated crew, date of departure, and port of departure.

Instructions and Requirements:

  • The form must be completed in English.
  • For arriving crew members, the CBP Form I-418 must be delivered to the United States Public Health Service and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • If an alien crew member is separating from the vessel in the U.S., discharge authorization must be obtained via Form I-408, and the "Date Separated" column must be updated.
  • When the vessel departs the U.S., the departure summary section must be completed, and the form must be submitted to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the port of departure.

Paperwork Reduction Act Statement: The form includes a statement explaining the obligations and requirements for responding to the information collection, as well as the estimated time for completing the form.

Overall, CBP Form I-418 serves as a vital tool for the CBP to track and manage passenger and crew member information during vessel arrivals and departures in the United States. It ensures compliance with immigration and customs regulations, as well as the accurate recording of information for security and documentation purposes.