CA DMV Form Boat 101. Application for Vessel Certificate of Number

CA DMV Form Boat 101. Application for Vessel Certificate of Number

The CA DMV Form Boat 101, also known as the Application for Vessel Certificate of Number, is a form used by boat owners in California to apply for a certificate of number, which serves as proof of registration for their vessel.

This form consists of several sections that require important information to be provided. These sections include:

  • Vessel Information: This section requires details about the vessel, such as its hull identification number (HIN), make, model, year built, length, and propulsion type.
  • Owner Information: Here, the owner's name, address, phone number, and email address need to be provided.
  • Use Information: This section requires information about how the vessel will be used, such as whether it will be used for recreational purposes, commercial purposes, or government purposes.
  • Declaration and Signature: The owner must sign and date the form, certifying that the information provided is true and accurate.

When filling out this form, it is important to ensure that all required fields are completed accurately. The vessel's information, including the HIN, should be double-checked for accuracy. Additionally, the owner's information should match the official records.

An example application for the vessel certificate of number could be a boat owner who recently purchased a new vessel and needs to register it with the California DMV. By obtaining the certificate of number, the owner can legally operate the vessel in California waters.

Related forms: An alternative form to consider is the U.S. Coast Guard's Application for Initial Issue, Exchange, or Replacement of Certificate of Documentation (CG-1258). This form is used for vessels that are required to be documented with the U.S. Coast Guard rather than registered with the state. The main difference is that the CG-1258 is for vessels engaged in commercial activities or over a certain size threshold, while the CA DMV Form Boat 101 is for recreational vessels.