A conservator is a person appointed by the Court to manage the property, subject to the direction of the Court, of an individual who is unable to properly manage his or her affairs.  Persons whose property is subject to conservatorship are generally those persons for whom guardians may be appointed

The conservator must prepare and submit to the Court an annual inventory and accounting of the minor's assets.

It may be necessary to petition a court to appoint a legal guardian for persons:

  • Who have physical or mental problems that prevent them from managing their own financial affairs
  • Who have no person already legally authorized to assume responsibility for them
  • Where other kinds of assistance with financial management will not adequately protect them.

Temporary Conservatorship

The Court may, upon petition for permanent conservatorship and motion for temporary conservatorship, appoint a temporary conservator for a person of mental weakness or physical incapacity, to care for the ward's property until the appointment of a permanent conservator or the termination of the trust.