Request letter

As a businessperson, you will inevitably have to write many request letters. The need for information or special favors, services, or products arises daily in almost every type of business. The reasons for writing a request letter are diverse:

  • to obtain information (such as prices or technical data);
  • to receive printed matter (such as booklets, catalogues, price lists, and reports);
  • to receive sample products;
  • to order merchandise;
  • to engage services (including repair or maintenance services);
  • to make reservations (at hotels, restaurants, theaters);
  •  to seek special favors (such as permission, assistance, or advice).

While certain requests, such as ordering merchandise, are routine matters, the general guidelines for business letter writing are especially important when writing any request. Tact and courtesy are essential when you want your reader to act. If you want your reader to act promptly, your letter must encourage him to do so. Therefore, all requests should:

  • be specific and brief;
  • be reasonable;
  • provide complete, accurate information.