How to write a termination letter

Be determined! State exactly what you mean in your termination letter. Don’t mince your words and speak directly. Do not waste the time of a person who is being discharged by writing big references for him before you get down to business. He is not hired any more, so pay attention for the first paragraph of the termination to concern this point.

Make up a list of your grounds. After you have undoubtedly confirmed that they are already jobless, then give as many reasons as possible regarding other motives. What a moment before handing otherwise it might just mislead them.

Explain reasons in detail, one at a time as in a straight line as you stated they were dismissed. For example 1. Because of you, we lack the clients. 2. You wouldn't stop philander with girls in the restroom and the like. Just keep in mind that you ought to be straightforward just now. At no time must you be mean, you just have to make certain whether the employee understands a reason that has triggered this situation or not.

Never allow them to request to be taken on again. That’s the fact that after they get the letters, they will probably be anxious to take vengeance on you. In other words, they will find themselves in hot water; so to speak, they will be out-of-work for some time. Some of them may just curse you all along, but the others might pluck up their courage and start begging you to return them to their workstations.

Don't surrender! If you do it, from now on they will mock at you, gossiping at every turn and your authority will be undermined. Furthermore, other workers will do their work in halves, hoping that if something goes wrong you will turn a blind eye to it.

Be unbendable, explaining the reasons over and over again.

As a final point, the termination letter should be finished by casting them some light on getting their previous remuneration or any other official procedure they would be obliged to do concerning their termination.