Form DTS 30. Class A Driver Training School Curriculum Requirements - Virginia

Form DTS 30. Class A Driver Training School Curriculum Requirements - Virginia

Form DTS 30 - Class A Driver Training School Curriculum Requirements outlines the necessary curriculum requirements for Class A driver training instructional courses conducted within Virginia. This publication serves as a guide for driver training schools to structure their courses effectively and ensure they meet the state's standards for Class A commercial vehicle training.

The parties involved in this form are the driver training schools seeking approval and the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) responsible for regulating and approving these schools.

The form consists of sections detailing the specific curriculum requirements that must be covered in Class A driver training courses. It includes topics such as basic vehicle operations, defensive driving techniques, safety regulations, and handling hazardous materials. The form may also include guidelines on the number of classroom and practical training hours required for each topic.

Important fields in this form include the identification and contact details of the driver training school, the proposed curriculum outline, the qualifications and credentials of the instructors, and any additional supporting documents required by the DMV for the application.

An example scenario for using Form DTS 30 would be a new driver training school planning to offer Class A commercial vehicle training. By filling out this form and meeting the specified curriculum requirements, the school can apply for DMV approval and begin operating legally. The purpose of this form is to ensure that all Class A driver training schools maintain a high standard of instruction and adequately prepare students for commercial driving careers.

Additional documents needed for completing this form may include a copy of the school's business license, instructors' certifications, and detailed course syllabi.

Related forms or alternatives to Form DTS 30 might include forms for other types of driver training courses, such as Form DTS 31 for Class B driver training or Form DTS 33B for school bus driver training. Each form would have its own specific curriculum requirements tailored to the type of commercial vehicle being taught.