Form DMV 267. Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Flyer - Virginia

Form DMV 267. Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Flyer - Virginia

Form DMV 267. Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Flyer: This publication describes new requirements effective January 1, 2014, for becoming a certified escort vehicle driver in Virginia. The form serves to inform individuals interested in escorting oversized or wide-load vehicles about the updated certification requirements and guidelines.

The parties involved in using this form are individuals seeking to become certified escort vehicle drivers, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and relevant law enforcement agencies responsible for overseeing oversized vehicle movements. The form sections consist of detailed explanations of the certification process, training requirements, and the responsibilities of escort vehicle drivers.

Important fields in this form include information about the certification application process, training programs, and the necessary qualifications to become a certified escort vehicle driver. Accurate completion of the form is essential for individuals aspiring to work as escort vehicle drivers, as it ensures that they meet the updated certification requirements.

An example scenario where this form would be used is when a person wishes to pursue a career as an escort vehicle driver to support oversized load transportation. By referring to Form DMV 267, they can understand the necessary steps to obtain the required certification and ensure compliance with updated regulations. The benefits of using this form include legal authorization to perform escort vehicle duties and contribute to the safe movement of oversized loads on Virginia roadways.

No additional documents are required to use this form, as it is a flyer designed for information purposes. As for alternatives or related forms, there may be other resources or training materials available for individuals seeking certification as escort vehicle drivers.