PA DMV Form MV-671. Replacement of Fleet Registration Credentials

PA DMV Form MV-671. Replacement of Fleet Registration Credentials

Form MV-671 is used to request a replacement for lost, stolen, or damaged fleet registration credentials in Pennsylvania. This form is used by fleet owners or transporters to obtain new registration credentials for their vehicles after the original ones have been lost, stolen, or damaged.

The form consists of sections where the fleet owner or transporter can provide details such as their name, address, and contact information. They also need to provide information about the lost, stolen, or damaged credentials, including their date of issue and any available details. The form may include sections for additional information or remarks.

Important fields in this form include the details of the lost, stolen, or damaged credentials, as well as the contact information of the fleet owner or transporter. It is essential to accurately provide all necessary information on the form to ensure that new registration credentials are issued correctly and promptly.

Application Example: A fleet owner or transporter who has lost their fleet registration credentials would use this form to request replacements. They would fill out the required fields, providing accurate information about themselves and the lost, stolen, or damaged credentials. The completed form would then be submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for processing. The use of this form ensures that replacement fleet registration credentials are requested and issued efficiently.

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