OCFS-6013. Transportation Consent Form

OCFS-6013. Transportation Consent Form

Form OCFS-6013, titled "Transportation Consent Form," is a document used by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) to obtain parental or guardian consent for transporting children in child care programs. The primary purpose of this form is to ensure that parents or legal guardians are informed and agree to allow their children to be transported by the child care provider or program for various activities and outings.

The form consists of sections where the child care provider or program must provide their name, address, and contact information. It also requires the parent or legal guardian to provide the child's name, date of birth, and other identifying details. The critical section of this form is the transportation consent part, where the parent or guardian indicates their permission for the child to be transported and provides any specific conditions or restrictions related to transportation.

Important fields in this form include the clear indication of parental or guardian consent for transportation. Accurate completion of this form is crucial as it ensures that the child care provider has obtained the necessary authorization before transporting a child, thereby mitigating liability and legal risks.

Application Example: A child care program organizes a field trip to a local museum. Before taking the children on the outing, the program administrator must have the parents or guardians of each child complete Form OCFS-6013, indicating whether they grant permission for their child to participate in the trip and providing any specific instructions or restrictions regarding transportation. Only children with completed and signed transportation consent forms can participate in the field trip.

Related Form: Form OCFS-6015, "Authorization to Administer Medication," is another related form that child care providers may need to complete when medication administration is required during transportation activities or outings.

Alternative Form: While other states or jurisdictions may have similar consent forms for transportation in child care settings, the specific content and requirements of the form may differ from OCFS-6013, making it unique to New York State.