OCFS-5200I. Resource Characteristics - Adoption Only

OCFS-5200I. Resource Characteristics - Adoption Only

Form OCFS-5200I, titled "Resource Characteristics - Adoption Only," serves as a comprehensive document aimed at gathering essential information pertinent to adoption cases within the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). This form is crucial for evaluating and assessing the suitability of potential adoptive resources.

The form consists of sections where the adoptive resource provider's personal and household information is recorded, including demographics, household members, and relationships. Additionally, the form delves into the applicant's background, financial stability, and health status, ensuring that adoptive homes meet the necessary standards for a child's well-being.

Important fields in this form include details about the adoptive resource provider's criminal history, medical history, references, and information about their living environment. Accurate completion of these sections is paramount, as it impacts the assessment process and eventual placement of a child.

Application Example: In a scenario where a family wishes to adopt a child, they would need to fill out form OCFS-5200I. The family must ensure accurate and complete information about their household members, background, and environment. Providing truthful details is essential to facilitate the adoption process, ensuring the child's safety and compatibility with the prospective family.

Additional documents required for completing the form might include reference letters, medical records, and financial statements. If applicable, other related forms may include OCFS-5200J for final assessment and determination in adoption cases, which builds upon the information provided in OCFS-5200I.