Form DSD SR 17. Record of Unsatisfied Judgment - Illinois

Form DSD SR 17. Record of Unsatisfied Judgment - Illinois

Form DSD SR 17 - Record of Unsatisfied Judgment serves as a record of a motor vehicle accident-related unsatisfied judgment against a driver.

This form is used to document an unsatisfied judgment resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

Form Structure

This form involves individuals who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in an unsatisfied judgment and the relevant authorities overseeing judgment records. It's structured with sections for providing personal and accident information, details about the judgment, and certification of the record.

How to Fill Out and Submit the Form

Individuals with unsatisfied judgments resulting from motor vehicle accidents can complete this form by accurately providing their personal and accident information, along with details about the judgment. The completed form is typically submitted to the appropriate department or agency responsible for maintaining judgment records.

When completing the form, individuals should ensure accurate information is provided about the accident and the judgment. This form serves as a record of unsatisfied judgments related to motor vehicle accidents and helps maintain accurate records for future reference.