DD Form 2259. Report of Audit of Postal Accounts

DD Form 2259. Report of Audit of Postal Accounts

DD Form 2259 - Report of Audit of Postal Accounts is used to document the results of an audit conducted on postal accounts within the Department of Defense postal operations.

The form includes sections for identifying the unit, detailing the audit's purpose and scope, documenting the audit findings, and providing recommendations for corrective actions. It also includes spaces for the auditor's signature and date.

When filling out DD Form 2259, auditors must accurately record the audit findings and any discrepancies. Recommendations for corrective actions should be specific and feasible. The form's thoroughness and accuracy are vital for maintaining accountability in postal operations.

Application Example: An internal audit is conducted on a military base's postal accounts to ensure compliance with financial regulations. DD Form 2259 is used to summarize the audit's results and suggest improvements where necessary.

No additional documents are typically required for completing DD Form 2259. An alternative form could be DD Form 2259-1, which is a similar report format specifically designed for audits of exchange accounts.