DD Form 1814. Carrier Notice of Warning/Suspension

DD Form 1814. Carrier Notice of Warning/Suspension

DD Form 1814 - Carrier Notice of Warning/Suspension is used to notify carriers of warnings or suspensions related to transportation services provided to the Department of Defense.

The form consists of sections where transportation officials document details about the carrier, the reason for the warning or suspension, effective dates, and any corrective actions required. The form may include sections for carrier information, violation details, and signatures.

When filling out DD Form 1814, it's important to provide clear and accurate information about the warning or suspension. The form helps in communicating consequences to carriers for non-compliance with transportation regulations and standards.

Application Example: A carrier is repeatedly delivering goods late, causing disruptions in supply chains. By using DD Form 1814, transportation officials issue a warning, outlining the issue and the necessary corrective actions to avoid suspension.

No additional documents are typically required for filling out DD Form 1814. An alternative form could be a warning or suspension letter developed internally by the Department of Defense.