DA Form 7801. Rifle, Carbine, and Automatic Rifle Marksmanship Scorecard

DA Form 7801. Rifle, Carbine, and Automatic Rifle Marksmanship Scorecard

The DA Form 7801 is a document used by the United States Army to record the marksmanship scorecard for rifles, carbines, and automatic rifles. The main purpose of this form is to track the proficiency of soldiers in using firearms during training sessions and qualifications.

This form consists of several important fields such as personal information of the shooter, weapon type, date of firing, range location, and individual scores for each shooting position. It is crucial to ensure that all required fields are filled out accurately to avoid any discrepancies in the recorded scores.

Both the shooter and the range officer are parties involved in filling out this form. The range officer will oversee the firing session and record the shooter's scores on the form while the shooter will provide personal information and engage in the firing session.

When filling out the form, the shooter must provide personal information such as their name, unit, rank, and social security number. Additionally, they must indicate the type of weapon used in the firing session and provide the individual scores for each firing position. No additional documents need to be attached when submitting the form.

A practical example of using this form is during an Army training session where soldiers are required to demonstrate their marksmanship skills. By recording the scores on this form, the Army can assess the proficiency of its soldiers and make necessary improvements to training programs.

Strengths of this form include its simplicity and effectiveness in tracking soldier's marksmanship skills. However, weaknesses include the potential for errors when recording scores and the possibility of falsification. Opportunities exist in using digital solutions to improve accuracy and efficiency in recording scores. Threats may arise from external factors such as weather conditions and equipment malfunctions which could impact the recorded scores.

Related forms include the DA Form 5790-R which is used to record scores for machine gun qualification and the DA Form 3595-R which is used to record qualification scores for hand grenades.

The scores recorded on this form can impact the future of Army soldiers as they are used to determine their eligibility for certain assignments and promotions. The form is submitted to the unit's headquarters and stored in the soldier's personnel file.

In conclusion, the DA Form 7801 serves a vital role in tracking the marksmanship skills of Army soldiers during training sessions and qualifications. Accurate recording of scores is important to ensure fair assessments and improve training programs.