DA Form 4677. Therapeutic Documentation Care Plan (Non-Medications)

DA Form 4677. Therapeutic Documentation Care Plan (Non-Medications)

Form DA 4677 is used as a Therapeutic Documentation Care Plan (Non-Medications) in medical facilities within the Army. This form serves as a documentation tool for creating care plans for patients receiving therapeutic interventions that do not involve medications.

The form consists of sections where details of the patient's medical condition, therapeutic interventions, and treatment goals are recorded. It includes information about the responsible medical personnel and the frequency of therapeutic sessions. Additionally, the form may include sections for tracking the patient's progress and updating the care plan as needed.

Important fields in this form include accurate and comprehensive documentation of therapeutic care plans and the patient's response to treatment. Accurate completion of this form is crucial to ensure effective and coordinated therapeutic interventions that support the patient's overall medical care.

Application Example: A physical therapist is assigned to work with a patient recovering from a musculoskeletal injury. The therapist completes Form DA 4677, creating a therapeutic care plan that includes specific exercises, treatment objectives, and the frequency of therapy sessions. The completed form is used as a reference during therapy sessions and is regularly updated to track the patient's progress. By doing so, the medical facility ensures that therapeutic interventions are tailored to each patient's needs and contribute to their successful recovery.

Individuals filling out this form should consider any additional supporting documents, such as progress notes or therapy assessment reports, that may be required to provide a comprehensive therapeutic care plan.

Related Forms: There may not be direct alternatives to Form DA 4677, as it serves as a specialized documentation tool for non-medication therapeutic care plans. However, there might be other forms related to patient care planning or therapy progress tracking used in similar medical settings.