DA Form 1569. Transcript of Military Record

DA Form 1569. Transcript of Military Record

DA Form 1569 is a Transcript of Military Record form used by the Department of Army. Its main purpose is to provide a detailed summary of an individual's military service and record. This form is typically used for a variety of reasons, including retirement, promotion, and legal purposes.

The form consists of multiple sections, including personal information, service information, and summary of military education and training. It also includes information on awards, decorations, and deployments. Important fields to consider when filling out this form include providing accurate and up-to-date information related to an individual's military service.

This form is typically filled out by the individual themselves or by authorized personnel who have access to the individual's military records. It is important to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, as it can have a significant impact on an individual's military career.

An example of an application for DA Form 1569 would be an individual who is retiring from the military and needs to provide a record of their service for their retirement benefits. Another example would be a service member who is applying for a promotion and needs to provide a comprehensive summary of their military record to be considered for the promotion.

There are no direct alternatives or analogues to DA Form 1569, as it is specifically designed for the Department of Army to record and summarize an individual's military service.