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Packing list (export / import)

A packing list is a document prepared by the shipper list¬ing the kinds and quantities of merchandise in a particular shipment.

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

A durable power of attorney for finances is a simple, inexpensive, and reliable way to arrange for someone to make your financial decisions should you become unable to do so yourself. It’s also a wonderful thing to do for your family members.

Request letter

As a businessperson, you will inevitably have to write many request letters. The need for information or special favors, services, or products arises daily in almost every type of business. The reasons for writing a request letter are diverse:

Welcome letter

A welcoming letter to a new customer is similar to the credit-granting letter. It usually includes an explanation of the terms of sale. The differences are more emphasis on the welcom¬ing portion and more detail about the terms.

Complaint letter

When a customer is dissatisfied with goods or services, a complaint letter will inform the company or organization of the problem. Such a letter should both present the facts and express the customer's dissatisfaction.

Fundraising letter

The fundraising letter is a sales letter with heart tug. But it must be tempered with the kind of persuasive writing that brings results without broadcasting that it’s selling the reader something.

Follow-up sales letter

A follow-up sales letter is any letter that follows an initial contact and has a sales motivation. A number of studies have shown that sending a follow-up sales letter to a prospective customer can get as good or better results than the initial sales letter.

Follow-up interview letter

Few people nowadays send a follow-up letter after an interview. For this reason alone, it can be highly effective.

Inquiry letter

Usually, an inquiry offer the recipient no immediate reward or advantage beyond the prospect of a future customer or the maintenance of goodwill. Therefore, your inquiry must be worded in such a way that the recipient will respond despite a hectic schedule.


An invoice is a billing document for a single transaction and contains an itemized list of goods or services purchased in that transaction. A statement is a listing of all the invoices issued on a particular customer's account for a particular period - usually one month