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An invoice is a billing document for a single transaction and contains an itemized list of goods or services purchased in that transaction. A statement is a listing of all the invoices issued on a particular customer's account for a particular period - usually one month


Sales Receipt

Sales receipt form serves as a formal record of an order sent to a customer.

Sales receipts are entered for sales or service transactions that are paid for with cash, checks, or credit curds at the time of purchase. After entering the information, a sales receipt can he printed as an original and copy for you and your customer or you can enter the information after the fact strictly as an accounting task.

Bill of Sale

A Bill of Sale is one of your most important forms. A Bill of Sale (also known as a sales invoice) is a record of the transaction for both the seller and the buyer. Bill of Sale - an invoice signed by the seller reciting that he has sold to the buyer the personal property therein described.

Proforma Invoice

Proforma Invoice

A Proforma invoice is an invoice provided by a supplier in advance of providing the goods or service. A quotation in the form of an invoice prepared by the seller that details items which would appear on a commercial invoice if an order results.


Commercial Invoice

The commercial invoice is a bill for the goods from the seller to the buyer. These invoices are often used by governments to determine the true value of goods for the assessment of customs duties and are also used to prepare consular documentation. Governments using the commercial invoice to control imports often specify its form, content, number of copies, language to be used, and other characteristics.