follow-up letter

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Follow-up sales letter

A follow-up sales letter is any letter that follows an initial contact and has a sales motivation. A number of studies have shown that sending a follow-up sales letter to a prospective customer can get as good or better results than the initial sales letter.

In fact, the first sales letter or sales contact seldom produces enough results from readers to eliminate them from your follow-up sales list. Many organizations plan a series of sales letters, often four to six, as part of their total sales campaign.

Follow-up interview letter

Few people nowadays send a follow-up letter after an interview. For this reason alone, it can be highly effective.

A follow-up letter should be courteous and brief. It should merely thank the employer for the interview and restate your interest in the job. A refer¬ence to a successful moment at the interview is a good, personalizing touch.

Also an after-interview communication, a follow-up letter is designed to spur decision action or even serve as a comeback effort to revive your candidacy after a period of thundering silence from the employer